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- What size should I choose?

  To avoid possible errors I invite you to compare your measurements to the size of the guides you will find here, but more generally to your size habituelle.Taille French

  - What colors are available?

For cotton (for reasons harem pants and trousers) and jersey (for belt) all colors are available;

black, dark gray, light gray, brown, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, royal blue, turquoise, sky blue, navy blue, red, pink, fuchsia, purple, plum, white.

For other colors please apply in advance via the contact form to have confirmation of its availability.

- What is the timeline for delivery?

The principle of Spiralesk shop is that everything is customizable, so all orders are handmade according to your wishes.

The production time varies according to the commands in short, it is noted on the home page left